How to avoid another Pregnancy and Sex after childbirth period

After delivery a common question is the subject of sex after childbirth possible or not. Once the first child was born the couple’s relationship it is changed and now both are not only lovers but are partners in raising a baby.

But for the first month, sex after childbirth is often difficult for many reasons such as lack of rest, the change in the body of the woman, the baby is in the room and being attentive to the needs the child, among other things.

Many couples wonder when it is prudent to have sex again, to what experts advise that they start to when you both feel ready, when they have finished the bleeding and give regular medical checks.

In cases that women needed an episiotomy during delivery is desirable that the penetration occurs only when she keep you comfortable, you can lubricate the vagina least initially, and it is therefore necessary to use lubricating gel to ensure a sexual pleasure.

It also often happens that the man should be less interested in making love the first months after birth, especially when you have the baby sleeping in the same room. In these cases it is extremely important dialogue between the couple to reach a solution that guarantees the absolute tranquility of both and enjoy a full and healthy sexuality.

Another factor for having sex after childbirth is the care of a new pregnancy and lactation as so many women do not menstruate, it is important to take appropriate measures to prevent re-fertilization.

Birth control for breastfeeding:

Condom or vaginal diaphragms are safe provided they are handled properly from start to finish and sex.

Progesterone only birth control pills (mini pill): This is important because estrogen pills have common and generate a decline in milk production. Pills for lactating women should always be taken at the same time because any change in the schedule becomes less effective.

IUDs: Only once you have completed the relevant examinations.

As you can see the sex after birth is entirely possible and even favorable to the couple, just a matter of adapting to the new situation and find a balance to enjoy full sexuality without fear or remorse.