Buttock fat injection to augment the buttocks

Gluteoplasty fat injection is a technique that allows greater projection of the buttocks without the need for silicone implants. Also referred to this procedure as the technique Brazilian buttocks lift.

By injecting the patient’s own fat in the buttocks, it yields more natural and aesthetic results. In addition, the physician is able to place the fat in places where it is needed also helps give the glutes properly.

This cosmetic treatment involves no side effects as the rejection of silicone implants, there is no risk of encapsulation, infections or asymmetry. On the other hand, it is less painful than buttocks surgery, and faster postoperative.

The method of the injected fat Gluteoplastia

The doctor sucks fat located in other parts of the body such as the hips, riding breeches, back and waist. This is then injected into the buttocks through two small incisions to give the desired shape.

The amount of fat that can be injected is 200 to 600 cc and the scar is very small, only 3 mm in each place where the cannula was placed.

For surgery using local anesthesia with sedation, which speeds up the recovery process after surgery and no need to intubate a person as with anesthesia.

Risks and benefits of buttock augmentation with fat injection

When completed buttocks body’s own fat, there is the possibility that the body absorbs 20 to 30% of the injected fat, but today many specialists grafting techniques used stem cells to this absorption is reduced to 5 %.

After 4-6 weeks the treatment done, buttocks feel natural and soft, without alterations to denote the injection of fat in them.

Another favorable aspect is that this intervention involves two cosmetic surgeries in modeling the body to suit the patient and according to its natural characteristics.

Post-operative recovery is much more lenient than the buttock augmentation with silicone implants. It involves sleeping upside down or the inability to sit for the first few weeks. Moreover, the volume in the buttocks exercise is not reduced or produce cellulite.